I saw this story on the national news this morning and it made me smile so big. Then I paid attention to the detail and realized it's a story about some Louisiana youngsters. I nearly cried. It is so awesome to hear about young people going above and beyond what most of us would do to help another person.
This group of boys got together to raise money to buy an SUV for their coach.

Lafayette Christian Academy
Lafayette Christian Academy

Two Lafayette Christian Academy Football players dreamed big to help their coach, Skip Babineaux. KATC reports the 8th grade students noticed the coach's car wasn't reliable. So, they started a fund raising campaign to try to get him some new wheels. And they did just that. The boys surprised coach Skip with a new SUV.

Coach Skip tells the Lafayette TV station: "I turned around and silver bullet. I know I'm the only Coach Skip. So, I know, it's either a rental or it's mine, but they ain't going to put a bow on a rental."

The football coach had been driving around in what most of us would call a "hooptie" a 90's model SUV that would break down all the time. It had no AC and was a constant problem for the coach.

Two students Gunnar Wirtz and Trevor Jeffrey wanted to find a solution. So they created a GoFundMe account and asked for help. The boys also took as many side jobs as they could to bring in cash. In just 3 weeks, they pulled in more than $12,000 to get their coach a new car. They took the money to Sterling Automotive where the owner agreed to cut a deal to make sure Coach Skip had a reliable ride.

Coach adds: "it's a blessing. It's really a blessing and I appreciate it. It only comes from above."

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