Reading Maria Havard's Facebook post about her son Brad, could be one of those deemed the most fearful thing for any mother.

As most of you know my oldest son Brad has Marfan Syndrome. He’s overcome MANY surgeries in his life including mitral valve , aortic valve and part of his aorta replaced, scoliosis surgery, many eye surgeries, subclavian artery repaired etc etc. He was on his way to work and suffered massive pain in his chest. He pulled over on the interstate and called the ambulance then called his wife and us . I could tell in his voice the fear and worry. Those of you that know Brad know how strong he is mentally and doesn’t “worry”. Long story short CTA scan showed an aortic dissection as we feared. Due to him having Marfans he has to see his surgeon in Houston Dr Caselli. Due to weather there the helicopters would not transport him. He’s in the ambulance on his way there. His brother Gavin set up a gofundme account if anyone would like to help them out. Please keep my baby boy in your prayers.

While Brad, aka "Bones", is truly a champion, with a wife and child depending on him, this one's got him between a rock and hard place.  With his illness he's out of vacation and sick days, so even though he's still employed, he won't be getting a paycheck while he's down and with the expense of medical transport (which apparently his insurance won't pay) and all the other bills, our friend and neighbor can use our help.

If it's on your heart to donate to help Brad, please go HERE to the gofundme account set up for Brad by his brother.  And certainly he and his little family could use all your prayers!

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