You might be wondering why our Louisiana Legislature is spending time on a measure that would affect the adult entertainment industry. Is this a chance for our elected officials to get out in the field and some investigative work? Shouldn't our state's chosen leaders spend their time on much bigger issues?

To be truthful this really is an issue. It's an issue not for reasons that you might be familiar with. According to State Senator Ronnie Johns this legislature matters for a much bigger reason.

We have found that a number of these young ladies, who are human trafficked, end up in the strip clubs.

Human trafficking. This particular kind of inhumanity is sickening down to the very core. It truly is the modern day slave trade. Senator Johns in his address to the House Judiciary Committee explained why this measure could literally save thousands of young lives across our state.

His sentiment was echoed by Jim Kelly, he is the Executive Director for Covenant House in New Orleans. He also noted the irony of 18 year old women being allowed to dance for money.

If you have to be 21 to drink in an establishment, don’t you think you should be 21 to take your clothes off in that same establishment.

Mr. Kellly's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. They also reported on the comments of Representative Robby Carter of Amite who supports this legislation.

We need to do something to get these people to realize that there’s another way of living. I wish it was something we could do to make them go to church or something.

While I would agree with Mr. Carter's sentiment, I have to say it's not that these young ladies have chosen this lifestyle. Many of them have been coerced, blackmailed, and threatened by some of the most hateful individuals on the face of the Earth.

The House Judiciary Committee passed the legislation in a unanimous vote. The full House will take up the measure later in the session.




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