I have said it before so let me tell you again, my special talent at the bar is NOT dancing. I'm the one chugging a beer and taking some unsuspecting man's $20 bill after I chugged a beer faster than he could. (My dad is not proud about that talent.) Growing up I was told dancing was a sin, so I never went to dances or learned to dance. Does it stop me from dancing now? No, in fact, liquid courage tells me I am the best dancer West of the Mississippi! I was asked to give my interpretation of the "Watermelon Crawl" for a fun competition where we give you free Tracy Byrd tickets. (Details on how you can enter the contest are here) I shot the video with our Digital Managing Editor and thought nothing of it.

Monday midday the video of me dancing was posted on our station's Facebook page. Most people got it, it's supposed to be a light-hearted play on my interpretation of the "Watermelon Crawl". I was honestly shocked when I saw a person proceed to write that I shouldn't dance and I was making a fool of myself. Let me be clear, NO ONE SHOULD EVER TELL YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT BE COMFORTABLE DOING! Could I lose a bunch of weight and look better dancing? Sure I can. Health is important. However, someone telling you that your body type should stop you from dancing because it grosses them out is a reason for you to KEEP ON DANCING! What happened after those comments were put out there? Listeners went on to not only encourage me to keep dancing but they called out the person for the nasty and rude remarks. After several listeners spoke up, the person deleted their comments. If you were one of those people that spoke up, thank you. Thank you for standing up for me and showing me that there are a lot more beautiful people than hateful people. Thank you for standing up for people instead of turning the other way. May we all remember to stop and comment on something and encourage a person instead of trying to break someone down. May we all continue dancing, or jiggling or whatever! In case you missed the video you can see it below.

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