We've all seen the commercials on television for Bud Light and we've all heard the popular catchphrase, "Dilly, Dilly." However, do you know where it came from or what it means?

Well, there's actually no meaning behind the popular saying. Nope, according to Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch's Chief Marketing Officer Miguel Patricio "Dilly, Dilly" doesn't mean anything.

As a matter of fact, they just came up with the saying and took a chance on it. The saying did not test well in markets or with test groups, but they thought with repetition "Dilly, Dilly" would catch on---And it has!

The ad was created around the new season of Game of Thrones. Bud Light was hoping to appeal to the masses who watch Game of Thrones, but their ad using "Dilly, Dilly" has gone beyond those boundaries.

Once the agency saw how fun the saying had become, they knew they had a "hit" on their hands. Social media and television told a different story than the test groups did.

Interestingly, Patricio says that they are not worried about other's using the catchphrase. They believe it only strengthens their brand and message. Thus, we are starting to see other brands and businesses use "Dilly, Dilly."

We should expect to see more television commercials from the beer company in the days ahead leading into the "Big Game."

I do want to mention here that Merriam Webster notes dilly "comes from an obsolete adjective meaning 'delightful.'"

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