Many folks believe in ghosts, but few can say they've caught evidence of a haunting on video. Stocky's Pizza employee Lori Evans says there's not only a ghost haunting the recently opened Haughton, Louisiana pizzeria, but that it's far from friendly. And she has some unnerving surveillance camera footage to prove it.

stockys ice scoop

Last Saturday morning, Evans arrived at Stocky's to find the ice scoop in the middle of the kitchen floor. When the staff left the night before, it was placed on top of the ice machine where it's normally kept.

The discovery was the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back," Evans tells Kiss Country.

A number of similarly eerie incidents prior to that morning prompted her to scour the surveillance video to see just what was going on. What she discovered will make you shiver.

The following video was recorded on July 14 at a little after 6 a.m. -- hours before the arrival of any of the staffers. Nobody was in the pizzeria at the time, confirms Evans.

Watch closely at the top left portion of your screen. What you're seeing is two metal ice scoops flying off the top of the ice machine. Not falling, but FLYING! According to Evans, the way the scoops are stacked makes it very unlikely for them to fall, let alone be thrown halfway across the kitchen.

Over the past few months, Evans says several other inexplicable events have shaken up the staff, including flying bottles and a feeling that someone was watching them from the shadows:

The first thing that happened was when I was standing in the kitchen area at the dough roller working.  All of a sudden a bottle of tobasco sauce hit me in the back then landed on the ground. I looked back because the bottle had been on top of the microwave. A server who was in the dining area actually saw it happen and we were both freaked out because it flew across room as opposed to just falling from its spot! We started wondering at that point. The tobasco sauce has been mysteriously thrown several times and busted on one occasion! Another time was when we were working and heard a loud crash in the back hall. When we went to see what it was, there was a broom and a dust pan both on the floor. They "snap" into a holder on the wall so they are never on the floor.  They'd been hanging there fine all day with no problems and snap into seperate holders, yet both fell????   The motion sensors have gone off twice and the alarm company has called the owner to come out and check; to find nothing. Several of us have actually "felt" a presence and had the hair stand up on our arms/neck. When I came in that morning and found those on the floor, so far from their spot, I knew it was time to check it out on tape and we finally found evidence of activity!


Evans believes this surveillance video is proof positive that something paranormal exists in the popular establishment, besides the "heavenly" pizza and salad bar.

But who -- or what -- could be haunting the pizzeria?

Years before Stocky's Pizza opened, the location was Walker Bros. convenience store. Evans tells Kiss Country that she's heard a terrible automobile accident happened on the premises in which a woman was hit and her car actually smashed through the wall of the store. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Evans believes she never left.

Do you think the footage is convincing evidence that Stocky's is haunted, or is there a more rational explanation for the flying ice scoops?

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