Stephen A. Smith held no punches.

After their loss to Green Bay the ESPN analyst called the Dallas Cowboys' season a "catastrophic failure." Smith has always been known for his hot takes, but to call the Cowboys 13-3 season (before falling to the Packers in the final seconds of the NFC Divisional Round) a "failure" may be a bit of a reach.

I totally get that a loss is a loss is a loss, but outstanding play from future Hall of Famer—not to mention three consecutive field goals of 50+ yards from Mason Crosby contributed heavily to the Green Bay victory.

To say that it was simply a "failure" on Dallas' part is just not a fair analysis of how things went down.

But, of course—Stephen A. Smith's disdain for Dallas is well documented, so it's no suprise that he came into work and put on a show at the expense of the Cowboys. Entertaining? Sure. Accurate? Not so much.

And you're talking to a guy who sits across from a Dallas Cowboys fan (Chris Reed) five days a week. As a Saints fan, I always give him a hard time, but with that said, you have to tip your hat to the Cowboys for a great season that didn't pan out the way that the fans and players expected it to.

As the old cliche goes: There's always next year.

[via ESPN]

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