Even though in most professions, a 27-year-old is probably just entering their prime, the life of an NFL running back in much different. For example, 27-year-old Dallas Cowboys' running back Ezekiel Elliott is widely considered to be enter the final phase of his career.

Elliot hasn't broken 100 yards rushing in any of Dallas' first 6 games to start the 2022 season, even though he is contributing to the team. He's still scoring touchdowns and picking up first downs for the team, but he's not performing like he once did in his career. This season he averaging 4.1 yards per carry, and 64.3 yards per game. Both of those numbers are below his career average. Even though his current yards per game number is above last season's, he has declined in that stat every year since his rookie year. Starting with 108.7 yards per game in 2016 dropping down to 58.9 yards per game last year.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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But most NFL running backs know this is their shelf life. That's why they fight hard to get as many paydays before their 30th birthday as they can. Even though Elliott has made about $70 million in his career, he still has about $50 million on his contracts, which can be cut at any time. Meaning the $10+ million a year he's owed till after 2026 would just go away.

That means Elliott has to be careful by comparison to other players in the NFL. Quarterbacks can play for 10 years longer than running backs, and wide receivers can even play into their late 30s now.

One of the things it seems like Elliott has splurged on, which is a smart choice as far as we're concerned, was in his living situation.

Take a Look Inside the Home of Ezekiel Elliott in Frisco, Texas

The Dallas Cowboys Running Back has a gorgeous home not far from the stadium.

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