Call her Chef Boyardee-ranged.

A woman in Merrimack, N.H. wound up in a standoff with police earlier this month after she became enraged when her boyfriend said the spaghetti she made him was "okay."

At least she had a good reason for losing her mind, right?

Boyfriend Jason Martin told police Jodi Ecklund went "bipolar" after he issued his critique of the meal. She allegedly punched him in the face, arm and hand before he managed to escape the apartment where they were eating. Yeah, dinner for one sounded like a much better option.

Ecklund, who had two guns with her, barricaded herself inside, so cops were summoned. She responded by telling officers that she would kill them if they got into the home, as well as hurt herself. She also tossed some of her boyfriend's personal items out a window. After several hours of this Dog Day Afternoon drama, cops got inside and cuffed Ecklund, who was charged with a wide array of felonies and misdemeanors.

Geez, imagine what she would've done if Martin had said he didn't like the spaghetti.

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