We all have those videos on Facebook we can't get enough of. I find myself constantly tagging my friends and family members saying "omg this is so us" or "look it's you". When I stumbled upon Southern Momma's hilarious video I kept thinking, this is all of us right now in the South. Last night I noticed grocery stores were out of a lot. It dawned on me, a lot of people were scrambling to get to the grocery store before the "Big Snowstorm".

"Patsy me and you is gunna grab all the liquor okay hun. We gunna need a lot of it." Clearly southern momma doesn't forget the easiest way to stay entertained while snowed in. "I wasn't nervous until I turned on the news the other day" same here sister, those weather alerts have me on high alert too!

"Jameson once we get home I want you to go over next door to Miss Morgan's and ask her if they gunna be alright through this snowstorm." Clearly southern momma kept it southern, checking on the neighbors is the southern thing to do after all. Remember to bring the fur children inside, everyone deserves to stay warm!

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