Last night, LSU was on the minds of the sports world as Tigers' quarterback Joe Burrow had a historic Heisman Trophy win. LSU will be in front of football fans again tonight, but this time it will be on an NFL field, and it will be former Tigers. Seeing one of those former Tigers will also mean Shreveport will be in the national spotlight tonight. 

Tonight's Sunday Night Football national broadcast will feature the Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Buffalo Bills. While the Steelers don't have any LSU alumni on their roster, the Bills have three. Reserve linebacker Corey Thompson and long snapper Reid Ferguson are both former LSU Tigers, but the big name on the marquee is Shreveport's own Tre'Davious White. 

White is not just one of Buffalo's top defensive backs, he's one of the top defensive backs in the entire NFL. He has made a name for himself with his play on the field, and play off the field. I mean, people are realizing how funny Tre'Davious White is.

Going back to his "hockey days", where he tried to convince his teammates he played hockey while going to Green Oaks High School in Shreveport, and coming all the way to his recent theft of the opposing teams "play sheets", this dude is funny.

OK, let's start with the hockey stuff.

Then there was the "Tre White Thanksgiving Turkey Theft" where he stole a bite of his quarterback Josh Allen's ceremonial turkey leg on TV, in front of everyone...

But then Tre White lit up the internet once again, when the wind blew some play sheets from the Baltimore Ravens' sidelines onto the field during the Buffalo vs Baltimore game. White was quick to snatch them, and acted like he was reading and breaking down what was on the sheets. An NFL official quickly ripped the papers out of White's hands, but not before the internet was able to get tons of videos of the incident out.

Now White will be on the national stage again. Hopefully we get to see something that makes us chuckle once again, but hopefully we also get to see White play well. Maybe he can help his Pro Bowl campaign tonight in front of a national crowd. If you'd like to help get Tre White into his first Pro Bowl, check this out:

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