Caddo District Judge John Mosely Jr. sentenced Mario Tamon Willis, 29, to 20 years for the molestation of a child. Willis' term will be served at hard labor without the possibility of parole, probation, or a reduction in sentence. Willis will have to register as a sex offender. The sentence hearing was held Tuesday, August 1, 2017. An investigation by the Shreveport Police Sex Crimes Unit led to Willis' arrest in September of 2014.

According to John Prime, the Public Information Officer for Caddo Parish District Attorney's Office "Willis ingratiated himself with his male victim when the youth was 13 and began a sexual relationship the following year. The victim now is 18 years old." Prime added "Willis was an adult volunteer, well-known in the community for his work with youth and church, and was a mentor to the victim and others at Woodlawn Leadership Academy." The victim was abused by Willis for two years. Mario Willis' testified at his hearing and claimed that in his eyes, a 14-year-old was old enough to give informed consent.

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