We know how hard Hurricane Laura hit in southwest Louisiana, but the Monroe area is also dealing with the aftermath of the storm.

A crew from the Shreveport Salvation Army has taken a mobile canteen to that area to help serve meals. The group will serve neighborhoods throughout Monroe dealing with power outages.

This effort will continue for at least the next two weeks while crews work to restore the power.

Meals are available to anyone in need. The canteen travels throughout the Monroe, West Monroe, and Ruston neighborhoods to serve lunch from 10 AM until 3 PM, and returns at 4:30 PM prepared to serve dinner to the community.

"We're offering meal assistance to anyone and everyone in need. Anyone who sees the canteen rolling can come out to receive drinks, snacks, and meals. The Salvation Army is continuously blessed by the constant contributions our community makes, especially in this time of uncertainty. We look forward to continuing to help our neighbors in need," stated Lieutenant Jamaal Ellis, Shreveport Corps Officer.

The Salvation Army also operates the HOPEline for anyone to call and speak to a caring listener. The number is 844-458-HOPE (4673).

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