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The city of Lake Charles received the brunt of the impact of Hurricane Laura. Now, the South Louisiana city needs our help.

If there's one thing we do right here in Louisiana, it's help others when they need it most. Our helping spirit never ceases in our great state, and now one of our own needs our help the most. Many of us in Louisiana were impacted by Hurricane Laura. The storm ripped through our state like few have done before.

Long before the storm made landfall, experts tracked it directly to Lake Charles. In fact, in the days leading up to landfall, some experts warned that the Lake Charles area could see storm surges up to fifteen feet.

The experts were certainly not wrong, as Lake Charles was relentlessly hit by the monstrous hurricane. Now, the mayor of Lake Charles is hoping that some of Louisiana's giving nature has rubbed off on the rest of the nation.

This week, Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter is calling for helping hands across the USA to donate towards causes aimed at helping the city. He says, "This is a great American city that was dealt a very heavy blow. We don’t only need help from our Lake Charles brothers and sisters or our Louisiana brothers and sisters, we need help from our American brothers and sisters.”

When it comes to donation recommendations, Mayor Hunter says, "Donate it to United Way or the Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana, those are nimble resources.”

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