The Shreveport Police Officer's Association has posted a letter on Facebook in opposition of adding acting Police Chief Ben Raymond to finals for the Police Chief job. Earlier today, Mayor-pro tem Jerry Bowman announced that he would add Raymond to the list of final candidates. The Police Association is against that move.

In the letter to addressed to Mayor Adrian Perkins, the Association's Vice President Joseph Lewis says "We respect the process that you implemented with the advisory team and we feel that if Ben Raymond had of achieved what the finalist had achieved, none of this would be happening right now."

The letter continues on to say that Mayor Perkins should move forward in the interview process with the final three selected or should allow all 7 that applied for the job to move forward in the process. It should be noted that one of the candidates, Dr. Michael Carter, is President of the Police Union.

You can read the full letter from SPOA below.

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