This weekend an area which hasn't seen much life in years will be resurrected for both the living and the dead (cue evil laugh).  La Louisiane House of Voodoo opens their doors to the public this weekend spooking those who dare to enter with their unique Louisiana-Haitian style haunt.  In addition to the Haunted House visitors will also be able to do the European Psychic Readings for $10 and a voodoo art gallery.

The haunt is located in the West End of Texas Ave at 1835 Texas Avenue near Herby K's. The once abandoned area has seen life slowly come back and now it's looking to see more and more doors being opened with Herby K's, Swim School, Eleven and now House of Voodoo West End is seeing big changes. Those changes could mean more money in our area. Heliopolis reports that The House of Voodoo will be more than just a haunted house. There is the possibility of movies using the location for filming.

House of Voodoo is only open for a limited time. You can get spooked on October 26th, 27th, 29th, 30th, and 31st with tickets starting at just $15.



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