Saturday night's drawing in the Powerball lottery was worth $150,000,000!  And nobody won it, but Shreveport can boast that one of our own was able to cash in to the tune of $50,000!

The lucky ticket holder, purchased that Powerball ticket at the Circle K at 8173 Walker Road in Shreveport.  And it's worth $50,000 for matching four of the five regular numbers and the Powerball.

Now, being a cup half full kind of guy, this would be really awesome news.  I mean, $50,000 to blow on a new bass boat or a new truck, would be an incredible dream come true.

But for the cup half empty type, this could be nearly devastating.  They were only one number away from $150,000,000.  One stinking number.  They were this close.  Oh well, I digress.

Congratulations and relish the fact that Wednesday's Powerball drawing will be worth an estimated $160,000,000.

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