Kelly Fultz of Shreveport just assured her family of an awesome Christmas! This morning, Kelly scored big when she correctly identified Kiss Country's latest Secret Sound presented by Office Furniture Source as "a baseball bouncing off the top of a paint can."

Kelly confessed that she was getting a little aggravated because she and her daughter have known this answer and the previous secret sound, but always managed to be the 8th caller instead of the 9th. Well, today was their lucky day and they hit the pot of gold at the end of that Kiss Country rainbow.

Congratulations again to Kelly and who Fultz family and if you're still a little confused on how she arrived at the winning answer, here's a look at all six of the clues we released for this Secret Sound.
• Wednesday, November – Clue #6 - Abner Doubleday hits the Benjamin Moore (Abner Doubleday is the man generally credited with inventing baseball. And of course, Benjamin Moore is a brand of paint)
• Tuesday, November 26 - Clue #5 - Part of it is round, but you must be specific
• Monday, November 25 - Clue #4 - No brush required
• Friday, November 22 - Clue #3 - It's certainly not a hammer
• Thursday, November 21 - Clue #2 - Home Depot keeps in stock
• Wednesday, November 20 - Clue #1 - A kid might have actually done this

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