SHREVEPORT, LA - Things got very tense at the Shreveport City Council meeting Tuesday afternoon when the seven member panel took up the discussion on the status of the Council Clerk's position. Shanerika Flemings was appointed as Clerk of the Council back in February. She previously served on former Mayor Adrian Perkins' executive staff.


Accusations were flying when it came time to act on a resolution to terminate the employment of Flemings effective immediately. Gary Brooks made the initial motion to fire Flemings. Ursula Bowman seconded that motion. Grayson Boucher and Jim Taliaferro voted with Brooks and Bowman to fire Flemings. But that vote came after Flemings read a prepared statement. She made several serious accusations against members of the Council.

Flemings accused Councilman Gary Brooks of several unprofessional actions. She claims he used the "N" word in front of her and Councilwoman Ursula Bowman. Councilman Alan Jackson tells KEEL News his wife also heard Brooks use the "N" word and she was so upset she left the restaurant. Flemings also claims Brooks made inappropriate comments about Black women.


Flemings told the Council

My goal is to show the public why Shreveport can't keep young talented professionals. You have not heard any council members speak negatively about my overall work performance, my skill set, the quality of work I produce or my professionalism. Instead, you've only heard baseless allegations of wrongdoing without an ounce of  evidence, all meant to be an assassination of my character.

She went on to say "even though Boucher and Taliaferro did not vote for me, I told them I would work hard for them and I have. Councilwoman Bowman told me 'I shouldn't do s%^$ for them'. However I told her I would work as hard for them as I did for every one else and I kept my word."

Flemings also told the Council she knew nothing about the pay raise James Green gave to Council staff until after it had already been given.

Council members sat stunned while Flemings read her inflammatory statements.

KEEL News reached out to Brooks for comment and he has declined to comment at this time.

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