Last week, Bristol and I were emailed by Cade Davis, who was very direct in what he needed from us.

Greetings Gary and Bristol!

Months ago I applied for a College Investors scholarship-  the Side Hustle Scholarship-  and I made the finalist cut!  I am one of nine in the nation-  the only one from Louisiana. The scholarship rewards those who have found a way to financially help out their families by working a "side hustle" job while in high school.  Mine was a yard business.  I started with 2 yards when I was in 6th grade, and now I have 76.

I recently graduated from Captain Shreve High School, and have hopes to attend LSU Baton Rouge this Fall.

The winner is decided upon by how many people view my story.  Each view equals one vote.  Please consider helping me spread my story to get more votes by posting this link on your Facebook account.  I need views and votes-  cut off is July 31. Possibly a story? Maybe I could come talk about this scholarship, and maybe it will encourage others to apply.  I need help winning this scholarship for my family, my state and my parish!

Okay, so here's a kid who's already established an obviously well run lawn business that he's been operating since he was in the 6th grade, when he was trying earn the money to restore the old truck in the photo above, and now he has the initiative to apply for a scholarship like this and all he needs is for us to click on the link.

In fact, Bristol and I visited with him on the radio this morning and you can tell this young man is a go-getter.  That's just so awesome to see in a young person!  And it's too easy to not help him out!

Just click on this link and let's help him to win this $5,000 scholarship!  And the story really is pretty good, so you might enjoy reading it as well!

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