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Identity thieves are inventive and unscrupulous.  Even if you think you're covering the bases, they can sometime still find a way to grab enough of your information to do some real damage - even if that means going through your trash.

That's right, those low-down identity thieves are more than willing to sift through your garbage in order to find a bill, credit card statement - anything that will give them the info they need to set up an account for themselves in your name, get a loan, or worse.  So, just how can you protect yourself from this sticky-fingered trashman?

According to a report from KSLA, the AARP Louisiana Fraud Watch Network and the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s office are coming to the rescue!  On Saturday, April 9th, the two organizations are hosting a free shredding event - giving you the perfect opportunity to destroy those personal files stacking up in your office.  Professional shredders will handle your sensitive and confidential information with extreme prejudice.

You will have to pre-register, but the event is free to the public.  It's set for Sheriff’s Safety Town located at 8910 Jewella Avenue and the shredders will be running from 9 a.m. to noon.  Those who are taking advantage of this free service won't even need to get out of their vehicles, but will be limited to 3 boxes or bags filled with tax documents, canceled or unused checks, credit cards, medical bills, investment account statements, and/or other items containing sensitive information.

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