Election Day 2020 is less than a month away, and if the polls are indication, any number of very important races will most likely be decided by voter turnout. Election history reveals a perpetually glaring problem, not only in Louisiana, but across the USA. Low voter turnout, not only geographically, but demographically, is a problem that continues to plague our country.

Although demographic composition does not necessarily reflect Americans’ political conscience, the historical data helps to predict voting behavior among different segments of society and as a result, impacts election outcomes.

With these factors in mind and with everyone wanting some kind of insight into what will happen on November 3, the personal finance website WalletHub has released its report examining the States with the Best and Worst Representation on Election Day.

To identify those states, WalletHub’s analysts compared the distribution of the 50 states’ voters to the distribution of their electorates by key demographic characteristics, including age, race and gender.

Best Overall RepresentationWorst Overall Representation
1. Maryland (94.56%)41. Idaho (85.23%)
2. Virginia (94.13%)42. Nebraska (85.08%)
3. Indiana (93.21%)43. Hawaii (84.99%)
4. Pennsylvania (92.97%)44. Kentucky (84.95%)
5. Minnesota (91.46%)45. Illinois (84.11%)
6. Oregon (91.45%)46. Washington (83.90%)
7. Massachusetts (91.37%)47. Florida (83.62%)
8. Nevada (91.18%)48. Tennessee (83.58%)
9. Wyoming (90.59%)49. Kansas (82.35%)
10. New Jersey (90.46%)50. South Dakota (78.87%)


Best Racial RepresentationWorst Racial Representation
1. Virginia (95.29%)46. Illinois (68.60%)
2. Maryland (93.60%)47. Kansas (67.93%)
3. South Carolina (91.23%)48. Florida (67.31%)
4. Indiana (91.20%)49. Kentucky (60.15%)
5. Nevada (90.43%)50. South Dakota (59.83%)


Best Age RepresentationWorst Age Representation
1. Kentucky (97.11%)46. Arizona (82.18%)
2. Minnesota (93.85%)47. Texas (81.57%)
3. Rhode Island (93.38%)48. South Dakota (81.49%)
4. Pennsylvania (93.06%)49. New Mexico (79.86%)
5. Maryland (92.97%)50. Hawaii (77.02%)


Best Gender RepresentationWorst Gender Representation
1. Indiana (99.94%)46. Kansas (93.88%)
2. Oregon (99.70%)47. South Carolina (93.84%)
3. North Carolina (99.62%)48. New Mexico (93.56%)
4. Utah (99.50%)49. Arizona (93.54%)
5. Massachusetts (99.41%)50. Washington (92.34%)

A closer look at Louisiana's numbers shows that our state, coming is at a very respectable 23rd overall, is strongest in gender representation on election day, but weakest in racial representation. But despite the minority voter turnout paling when compared to women at the polls, Louisiana still ranks far ahead of other states when it comes to African-American voting.

For a complete look at WalletHub's States with the Best and Worst Representation on Election Day, including, not only a state-by-state breakdown, but an in-depth examination of Louisiana's numbers, JUST CLICK HERE!


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