One stay-at-home mother of three from Michigan is garnering national attention for her blog about not being the family housekeeper just because she stays home with the kids.

27-year-old Kayla Roussin broached the subject matter on her blog, In the Midst of Mama. The mother of three, and her husband Jonathon, made the decision for her to leave work and stay home with their children several years ago. In her blog, she says the decision was made so that she could spend quality time with the kids, not make sure the house was spotless when Jonathon came home from work. Roussin told Good Morning America, 'It breaks my heart that a lot of women out there are focused on [cleaning] rather than hanging out with their kids, going to the park and learning ABC's. That's the part you should be worrying about instead of folding the laundry."

Roussin's blog post has received a LOT of attention with comments both positive and negative on social media. I, for one, would like to applaud Kayla! I love that this couple is putting their kids first and that they are sharing in the chores as a couple and using the time together after the kids go to bed to discuss the day's events, etc... Just the fact that these two are making a point of communicating is pretty darn impressive when you think about it! When you add in the fact that they're actively making sure they're raising their kids, well, you've practically reached the promised land in my eyes with that one.

But don't let my humble opinion sway you! Tell us what you think in the comments section below. If you're a stay-at-home mom or dad, should you be responsible for keeping the house clean as well as being responsible for taking care of the kids during the day? Sound off!

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