Ezekiel Elliott is known for his killer instincts on the field, but off the field we're kind of left shaking our heads.

When everything is going so well, it's not always fun to look at a small aspect of your success and say "that's a problem." However, I'm starting to think Cowboys' running back Ezekiel Elliott's off-field antics are a problem. This is a guy who was neck-and-neck with Dak Prescott in being the best on the team. He's a lightning force from behind the line and his agility combined with his speed makes him almost unstoppable.

So does he feel that unstoppable off the field too?

Now, before I go too far, let me say this. I'm not famous. I'm not nearly talented enough to do anything on a level comparable to his. And I'm not an attractive male living in a world where women throw themselves at you left and right. I have no clue what it's like to have temptations forced upon you at every turn.

But I do know not to go looking for them either.

A simple Google search of Ezekiel Elliott's name this morning brings up several headlines that make me uneasy. "Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott to appeal citation for driving 100 mph." "Ezekiel Elliott of Dallas Cowboys involved in incident at Dallas bar." "Ezekiel Elliott remains in the wrong kind of spotlight." Ok that last one is actually a blog. Now, whether or not these are true or just exaggerations of accusers looking to make an extra buck, it's not a good look.

We remember the St. Patrick's Day incident right?

It just seems like more and more we see Ezekiel Elliott in terrible situations and he only has one pro season under his belt. He reminds me of another former Dallas Cowboy... Terrell Owens. We've seen way too many athletes lose their careers because they couldn't keep their noses clean. Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas Cowboys have way too much to lose right now to even entertain this.

Maybe I'm just used to seeing Dak Prescott remain so grounded and only wish the same for his partner in crime (poor choice of words?).

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