According the Good News Network, the UK has created a system for homeless individuals to access items that will help their well being that include: food, clothes, toiletries, books, etc. The system involves vending machines that will only be available to the homeless.

You're probably wondering how a vending machine is accessible for just the homeless- The Good News Network explains that a charity called Action Hunger and the Friary will distribute 100 keycards to the homeless population as a trial run. The keycards can be used 3 times a day. The limit is help prevent "abuse" to the machine, as stated by Good News Network.

Along with the 3 use limit, the homeless population will have to contact the Friary once a week to keep the card activated. The check in system to provide a 24 hour resource and to help the homeless stay in contact charities to help "get them on their feet".

If this works out in the UK, should the US consider doing something similar? Should Shreveport consider doing something similar?

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