Water is a precious commodity.  Not only do we need it to live, our economy thrives on water.  Every industry needs it in one way or another, and I'm not just talking about for sinks and bathrooms for offices - although that is quite significant.  Beyond the residential need - farmers and ranchers, heavy industry and manufacturing, chemical processing, power generation and so many more huge businesses require large quantities of water every day as part of their processes.  When a drought hits, the effects on businesses in the effected areas can be devastating.  For that reason, water is so valuable.

That brings us to the current situation: Our neighbors in Texas are currently in need.  Because of a drought there, they are asking for Louisiana's help.  Officials in Texas are asking to build a pipeline from one of the tributaries of the Mighty Mississippi all the way to the Lone Star State.  Not every one agrees of course.  Some critics say that Louisiana has precious few natural resources left to monetize, and are deeply protective of the state's water.  According to NOLA.com, the Water Resources Commission has approved a committee to study the benefits and drawbacks of a water deal with Texas.  They will also study how better to maximize profits from oil, gas, and fisheries in the state.

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