The Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran proved that she can be just like several Americans. Well more like her staff fell into the trap. According to People, Corcoran lost $388,700 due to a phishing scheme that targeted her office. Corcoran's bookkeeper received an email last week with approval for an invoice for a real estate renovation.

How did the scammers get away with it? The invoice looked like it was sent by Corcoran's assistant. The truth is that the scammers swapped out a couple of letters and made it seem legit. There was no reason for Corcoran's team to become suspicious. Due to the fact that no red flags were raised the bookkeeper wired the money and it went through on Tuesday, February 25th.

After the thief pulled off the scam they disappeared. The Shark Tank star knows she won't be getting her money back, but several reports say she is still in high spirits.

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