US Senator David Vitter will chair a meeting of the Senate Small Business Committee today to discuss the federal response for flood victims in Louisiana. Vitter says this is an important opportunity to explain just how devastating this flooding really was, and still is for many people.

“It was really underreported nationally, and as a result a lot of my colleagues don’t understand. It’s the biggest natural disaster since Sandy by far, fourth biggest in the last decade, could climb to third biggest,” Vitter said.

Vitter says the SBA administrator will be present at the meeting. He says the FEMA administrator will not be there because “he’s come up with a series of excuses.” But he says there will be other people there to help make the case for additional assistance.

“We’ll also have a panel of small business folks from Louisiana who were directly affected. That will be, I think, very compelling testimony,” Vitter said.

Vitter says opportunities to highlight the enormity of this event are important, because they are running out of time to approve a $2.6 federal aid package requested by the Obama Administration. Louisiana’s Senior Senator says they are trying to get the federal appropriation passed this month.

“It’s not done til it’s done. So our whole delegation is working very hard with others to get that done,” Vitter said.

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