Anyone who has driven through the neighborhoods of Shreveport knows there is a blight problem in the city. Its something that has been talked about by elected officials in the city for a few years, but there always seemed to be some kind of obstacle when it came to addressing the problem.

However, newly elected Shreveport Mayor Tom Arceneaux has taken a direct approach to the blight concerns in across the city. According to KSLA, Mayor Arceneaux issued 35 Demolition Letters to the Shreveport Department of Property Standards. This is just the first step in the process of eliminating these buildings, but Arceneaux has instructed his administration to take an "aggressive" approach to dealing with this issue.

Arceneaux told KSLA:

“Blight, if allowed to stay, turns into more blight. As it spreads, crime spreads. The issues are tied together, and that’s why my administration is taking a proactive approach that begins with these demolitions.”

The list of properties spans across the entire city. While some neighborhoods do have multiple buildings that make it on the list, the properties marked for demo reach all the way from the region near Southern University's Shreveport campus to Youree Drive.

We looked at all of the properties in Google Maps to get a better idea of what the city is proposing. Some of the buildings could be easily identified through Google Maps, while others were obscured. But here is a look at what we found.

See The 35 Buildings Shreveport's Mayor Has Marked For Demo

Shreveport Mayor Tom Arceneaux has signed demolition letters for 35 properties in Shreveport. Here are the Google Maps images of each address listed by the Mayor's Office.

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