Larry and Ray have been on a crazy journey across America. Larry Reed bought a 1931 Model A Ford Slant Windshield in Kansas in March. Larry has been obsessed with cars since he was a kid. Larry has always wanted to take a cross country trip in a Model A car. Larry convinced his friend Raymond to take the trip with him. They took water from the Pacific Ocean and took it to the Atlantic Ocean. They then took water from the Atlantic Ocean and are Pacific Ocean bound. The traveling dynamic duo made a stop in Shreveport, and tasted Blue Bell Ice Cream for the first time.

Larry Reed wanted to "Search for America", he and Ray have met wonderful people during their cross country trip. I asked Larry Reed what was one thing he had learned on his trip he replied "People are good, and America is all about the hearts and souls of the working people. Not the ones you see in the news, not the ones out of Hollywood, but the working people."

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