Just last month we got word that a team of scientists were going to be rummaging and scanning through Loch Ness to research DNA samples for analysis. Now we know that there is a plan of action if they find the Loch Ness Monster, according to BBC.

Apparently this plan has been around since 2001. BBC says that "Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) prepared the 'partly serious, partly fun' code of practice in 2001 amid a period of intense interest in Nessie."

The plan is to take a DNA sample of the newly found species and then return it to Loch Ness. Basically, catch and release. This is to protect the Loch Ness Monster and any other new species that might be found.

Since then the team of scientists have searched the lake and are currently working on the study to publish it. We don't have many details about what they have found, but BBC says that the study will have "a biological explanation for the monster myth".

I am so curious to see what they find, and I will keep you updated when the study comes out.


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