According to Gizmodo, what scientists, historians, and anthropologists once considered as a myth is getting closer to becoming truth. Genetic analysis has found evidence in a grave that there were in fact female viking warriors.

Gizmodo reports that a 10th century skeleton was found in a "Swedish Viking Age" grave where DNA was analyzed. They found that the remains were from a woman. Also, they noticed that the grave was set up the same way they would bury warriors. In a press release that Gizmodo mentions in their article Neil Price, an Uppsala archaeologist says, "this is the first time that we’ve really found convincing archaeological evidence for [female vikings] existence".

As a red head, I find this information satisfying. Mainly because I was always told that red heads where directly connected to vikings, or maybe that was just a lie my mother told me so that I would embrace my red hair instead of being embarrassed about being different. Either way this is super cool.

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