So most people agree that Saturday Night Live hasn't been as strong in recent years. Compared to the peak years in the late 90s and early 2000s, the modern SNL seems to be missing something.

That doesn't mean its all of their bits have been bad. They hit occasionally, especially during Weekend Update, but many of the skits just aren't where the casts were in the golden era.

But it seems like SNL may have actually hit gold with this one. As they roll into our region to take aim at two things that cause headaches in Texas and Louisiana: a particular type of car dealership ad, and drive thru lines at chicken places.

SNL cast members Andrew Dismukes and James Austin Johnson got help from Hollywood heartthrob Michael B. Jordan as they play the roles of Texas car dealership employees upset with the newly opened Raisin Cane's...

The trio play employees of the fake King Toyota in the real city of Brenham, Texas. They have essentially declared war on the chicken restaurants and the city that allowed them to open.

If your not familiar with Raising Cane's, the chicken restaurant was started in Baton Rouge back in 1996. Eventually the company started expanding across the state of Louisiana, and into neighboring Texas.

Let me inject why I think Cane's has been expanding so well. Raising Cane's has actually got in on the joke, and shared out this video. They "get it", where so many businesses would have likely ran from this, they embrace it and wrap their arms around it.

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