Haughton truly has the Christmas spirit again this year. After this past Saturday's incredible turn out for the Christmas Parade and Christmas festival, Haughton will once again celebrate Christmas with the annual appearance of Santa Claus travelling through the area on a Haughton fire engine.

With the help of his firefighter elves, Santa will make his anticipated appearance in the Haughton area this Saturday, December 22! Santa will pull out from the “North Pole Fire Station” at approximately 8:00 am and begin making his way through the neighborhoods served by Fire District 1 and the Haughton Fire Departments.

According to Police Chief Todd Gibson, "Santa will roll out at 8:00 am and will roll until he hits every street."

When you hear the fire trucks sounding the alarm, make sure you and the kids head outside and catch a glimpse of Santa on top of the fire truck (and maybe even catch some of the candy he'll throw) as he wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

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