One of the many industries hit hard during the pandemic was the entire cruise industry. Some got hit so hard, they were forced to sell off some of their cruise ships. Toward the end of the summer last year, it looked as if the ships could once again set sail. That glimmer of hope was shut back down by the CDC, forcing the cruise industry to dock even longer than expected.

Now a new announcement from Royal Caribbean gives cruise lovers some light at the end of the tunnel. Royal announced last Friday that it would begin booking seven day cruises, but there is a small catch. The cruises shove off in June, but you'll have to catch the boat in the Bahamas if you want to set sail. Bookings for these cruises will begin this week, March 24, and the boats begin their journey starting on June 12.

In order to board, if you can get to the Bahamas, anyone over the age of 18 will have to be vaccinated and be able to show proof. Royal Caribbean has their entire crew also vaccinated on board. If you have guests under 18, they will have to produce a negative COVID-19 test result before boarding. It's not ideal, but it does show that perhaps we are crawling our way back to more activities.

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