UPDATE (12:25PM): Baton Rouge media is reporting that a fight escalated into a shooting at a WalMart on Burbank Drive in Baton Rouge this afternoon.

The initial reports had conflicting information about the incident, with some reports indicating that there was an "active shooter", which indicted immediate concerns due to the recent shootings at WalMarts in Mississippi and Texas.

WBRZ in Baton Rouge reports that one person was taken to the hospital, and no other injuries are being reported in today's incident.

While WAFB is emphasizing that this is NOT an "active shooter" situation.

ORIGINAL STORY: WAFB in Baton Rouge is reporting that police are now responding to a shooting at a WalMart on Burbank Drive in Baton Rouge.

There are conflicting reports from Baton Rouge media members on Twitter on whether or not this is an active shooter situation, but Baton Rouge Police and the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Department have yet to comment on the situation officially.

We will continue to monitor the situation as details emerge.

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