We've all seen the classic footage of a reporter broadcasting from the middle of a horrific storm wearing a brightly colored poncho and yelling into the microphone.  Sure, the same story could be told inside the safe confines of a local television stations weather center - but seeing the reporter brave the elements brings that sense of danger and urgency that we can't turn away from.  Heck, Jim Cantore made a career out of this type of reporting.

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel

The latest brave journalist to brave the elements for a story is Fox News' Casey Stegal.  He was on the Texas coast, reporting on the millions of people in the path of this deadly storm (while he was standing in it), when he got an unexpected present.

You saw that right, a resident braved the high winds, rain, and flying debris to make sure Casey didn't finish his broadcast thirsty!  She bolted up to him, and handed him a 6-pack of craft beer cans.  Texas hospitality at it's finest!

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