You can just hear it in his voice. Reed Gore is a kind man. He has the same tone of voice that I can almost envision Jesus having.

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Never afraid to volunteer his time to the community, friends or family, Reed is more than willing to step up when needed.

We learned about Reed's heroics from Brooke Schafer, who wasn't too timid to brag on her deserving boyfriend. Just take a look at the nomination letter she submitted that made it so easy to recognize Reed as this week's recipient of the Kiss Country Caught in the Act Award!

Reed is one of the most selfless people I know. He is always available to lend a helping hand to both family and friends. Reed also volunteers as a mentor to local community members in need. When a family member was diagnosed with a life-changing condition, Reed stepped forward to provide full time care without hesitation. He always makes sure that those around him are cared for and know they're loved - whether it's a home cooked meal, a funny joke, or an act of service. He is a lover of animals and treats everyone around him with the same level of respect. Reed is "one of the good guys" and very deserving to be Caught In the Act.

Reed Gore, because you've been 'Caught in the Act' the gang at Silver Star Smokehouse have a $100 Gift Certificate for you and the family to come have dinner!

Take a listen to the phone call we made to Reed to let him know that he was this week's Caught In The Act Award recipient.

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