Louisiana anglers who want to try their luck and their skills out in Louisiana's coastal waters may do so beginning today. The 39 day Red Snapper season is on. Many recreational fishermen have complained about the restrictions on the number fishing days in federal waters.

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through September 4th recreational fishermen may fish for Red Snapper in federal waters. That means 200 miles off the  Louisiana coast is open for you to wet a line and bring home a big one.

There has been quite a bit of controversy and conversation about the way the federal government has been overseeing the Red Snapper season. Initially, the season was only going to be open from June 1 through June 3rd. That's  hardly any time to catch fish.

Then came the announcement from Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries that they would expand the season to include Saturdays and Sundays and some holidays to give anglers, charter boat captains, and marinas a little more time for fun and profit.

Finally, the season was finalized to include Fridays. Not everyone is pleased with the new policy but it's better than what was originally proposed. Currently, negotiations for the 2018 season are already underway.

Let's hope the balance between sport and conservation can be attained so that the species can survive and thrive and fishermen can have a better opportunity to pursue one of the best sports fish in the ocean.

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