Ford Motor Co. may have been able to weather the total collapse of the economy and struggling American car market. Can it weather a massive recall on one of their signature cars?

The car company announced that they are issuing a recall of 140,310 of their Ford Focus from the model year 2012.

The recall is to fix a faulty passenger-side windshield wiper motor due a missing seal plug that can cause water to seep into the wiring and make one of the wipers inoperative. The problem might sound small, but could cause a serious reduction in visibility during rainy driving conditions.

So far, the announcement hasn’t done much to dampen Ford’s price on the stock market. It only dropped a quarter of a point the morning the news broke about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s findings.

Ford also isn’t the only car company to issue a recall. Chrysler issued a recall on its 2012 Jeep Patriot and Compass SUV because of a damaged rollover valve on the fuel tank assembly.

Kawasaki also issued a recall of its Concours 14 models made for police department because of faulty wiring causes fuses to prematurely burn out during prolonged use. This can cause the engine to stall during use and potentially create a serious crash.


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