Larry Gasper didn't have two pennies to rub together.

No, he had a few thousand.

Gasper, of Redding, California, recently paid off his property taxes. Nothing too unusual about that, except for the fact he forked over all the dough in bills and coins. And when you consider the fact it was a $14,000 bill, well, you can figure out that's a lot of nickel and diming.

It seems the tree business Gasper owned went under a few years back, due, in part, to the fact he couldn't pay his taxes. The county wouldn't let him pay half of the bill a few weeks ago, claiming it needs the whole shabang, so he redefined the fine art of looking under couch cushions for spare change.

He said, "I had to borrow some money. I’ve missed a few payments on my home to pay for my taxes for this piece of property.My grandkids' piggy banks, my daughters' piggy banks, my money, my change and a lot of people have offered to help a bit.”

Gasper rolled all the coins and, using a wheelbarrow, hauled the loot, comprised of coins and $1 bills, into his truck and headed to the tax collector's office, where officials had the very daunting task of counting the money.

All we can say is we bet it took a long "dime" to do so.

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