A Texas family was frightened when they found a rattlesnake in their toilet, but that wasn't even their biggest problem.

Young Isaac McFadden was just trying to use the restroom one morning when he saw a slithering surprise in the toilet. When he alerted his mother she told him to grab a garden tool from outside. When he returned she killed the snake.

Something told the McFadden family to investigate further, so they contacted Big Country Snake Removal who came out to the property to look into their snake problem. When they arrived they realized they had bigger issues on their hands—over 20 of them to be exact.

23 rattlesnakes—13 in the cellar and 10 underneath the house—were found in addition to the snake in the toilet, some piled up one on top of the other in a corner as you can see in the photos attached.

How did the family go so long without seeing so many snakes on their property? The snake removal company explained,

Rattlesnakes are secretive and can be very cryptic. They rely heavily on their camouflage. This is simply how they survive. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there.

Warm weather is right around the corner here in the south, and within the next few months we will see our serpent friends start to creep out of their hiding spots. Experts say that avoiding snakes means avoiding another type of animal.

snakes go wherever rodents, like rats, go. To avoid snakes and rodents in a home, remove what they like— trash, brush piles and abandoned cars

The golden rule remains: They're more afraid of you than you are of them, although some people may disagree!

Be safe, and check out this list of snakes that live in Louisiana here to stay in the know.

[via My San Antonio]

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