Rome saw snow this week for the 2nd time in the past 33 years and it's safe to say they weren't prepared at all for it. The army had to be called in to help clear the streets and over 1,000 blankets were passed out to homeless people as temps stayed below freezing. Many injuries were reported from people trying to sled on hills using trash bags... Once again this is the 2nd snow they've had in 33 years so what do they know! The snow came from a siberian cold front nicknamed the "Beast From The East" which has dropped snow and freezing temps throughout europe.

While it might have only been 1.5 ins of snow it was still more than enough to shut down the city. But locals found many ways to enjoy the white wonderland, including the vatican. Videos have now come out of the priests and nuns enjoying a snowball fight in the ancient city, you can see the video below.

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