Growing Up I Never Saw a Black Santa, I Figured Tim Allen from "Santa Clause" Really Was Santa And He Had All the Good Boys and Girls Covered.

As an adult, I love seeing several stores and picture ops incorporate a Santa that is black. You can't go shopping without seeing Christmas decor, and in the south, we have both black and white Santas.

One TikToker Visited a Store Where She Noticed Black and White Santa Don't Have the Same Names on Their Nice List.

Santa shows up at everyone's house. So why are the names on Santa's list different?

LaShawn, Terrence, Damien, and Latoya Made it on Black Santa's List.

Keep in mind these names did not make it onto the "White Santas" list.

One TikTok User claims This is the First Time Her Name Has Ever Been on Something.

I crept on her profile and her name is Latoya, she was pumped to be represented on the good list, and I would be too.

As a Member of the Mexican Community, I Demand a Mexican Santa.

The names could be Juan, Maria, Carlos, Mario, okay maybe I should quit listing off my family members, my bad. I think this company had the best of intentions, however, their delivery could have been better thought out, right?

People On TikTok Claim That The Nice Lists Should Be the Same for Both Santas.

They called it racist, what are your thoughts? Watch the video below and make the decision for yourself.


@samijo3309 Wtf Burlington Why are the lists so different y’all? #burlington #pcb #fyp #StemDrop001 #FomotionalFinds ♬ original sound - Sami Jo Williams

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