Okay so maybe we aren't pumped about those who try to make pumpkin spice season be the first sign of fall. However doesn't it feel like once pumpkin spice stuff comes out we are all in a better mood here in the Ark-La-Tex? It's almost like it's the promise of the merciless heat going away.

I started to notice a lot of my friends jump for joy when their favorite coffee shops started announcing the return of pumpkin spice. Everyone has started sharing their favorite fall treats and I am no exception to the rule. Prep Cakes Bakery just announced their pumpkin spiced cake drops are now in production. If you have yet to try one you are missing out. I hunted down some of the best pumpkin spice treats in the area that you can enjoy.

Do you know what you won't see on this list? Pumpkin spice toilet paper (yes it exists you can click here for more on that). I mean have we taken it too far? Maybe. But as far as food goes, there are some awesome pumpkin-spiced treats that are ready for consumption.

Prep Cakes Bakery in Shreveport has brought back the pumpkin spice cake balls.

PJ's Coffee in Bossier is bringing back everything pumpkin!

Whole Foods in Shreveport claims they blinked and BAM pumpkin spice snuck into their coffee.

Coffee on the Red also made an announcement that they are bringing pumpkin on the menu as soon as Wednesday, September 1st, but we have no idea what that entails.


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