Pulling a girl's ponytail seems like a prank that should lose its appeal after grade school, but some boys just don't know when to quit.

Case in point: these college-aged guys thought it'd be a hoot to pull the ponytails of different girls sitting near them in a cafeteria. Things fail to go according to plan for one of the jokers on two levels: one, he yanks part of one of the victim's hair out of her head and, two, she slaps him so hard he passes out.

If this is real, the guy got what he deserved. You can't just touch another person, let alone another woman, and not expect there to be no consequences. We all know the cliche that guys can't keep their hands to themselves, but, come on, this is just plain ridiculous. You mess with the bull, you get the horns. Remember that the next time you feel the need to mess around with a woman's hair.

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