It may be the greatest innovation in dog poop, since, well, it just may be the greatest innovation in dog poop ever.

Video of something called PooTrap -- a harness a dog wears over its body with a baggie attached by the rear end to catch its poop -- has gone viral on Facebook. As the clip reminds us, it's sort of a diaper for pooches.

The PooTrap comes in a variety of sizes (and prices) to accommodate different dogs. And while it's definitely a unique alternative to cleaning up after your pet, there may be some people who find it too off-kilter to use. That, and, it may seem kind of gross to let your dog walk around, even for a few moments, with a pile of duty strapped to its backside.

PooTrap has actually been around for several years. So, what do you think? Is this product a godsend or a "no, thank you" while you continue to clean up after your dog the old-fashioned way?

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