The recent announcement of the proposed merger of Fair Park High School and BTW High School has been the subject of many heated discussions throughout the community.

And now, in a report from KTBS, it appears as though a 16 member committee has been formed by the Fair Park Parent Teacher Student Association with the intent of suing the Caddo Parish School Board because they feel the board isn't providing the students with what they deem is a fair shot at an education.

Earnestine Coleman, Fair Park PTSA president, wishes to pursue this suit against the board for their alleged failure to properly educate students by means of a lack of qualified full-time teachers, a lack of books for students to take home, and lack of academic programs.

Additionally, Coleman says the PTSA has claims that the CPSB has fallen short of the education mark to intentionally lower the school's performance in an effort to have the school shut down.

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