Local political races, as we all know, can be quite the spectator sport.

There is a school board race in Rapides Parish that may have gained a few more "fans".

In District C of that Central Louisiana parish, there is a candidate that recently put up a sign that has the whole community talking.

The guy's name is Jamie Floyd and his sign looks a little something like this...

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

By the way, Jamie Floyd is a former police juror in Rapides Parish who once put forth a controversial motion to display the Ten Commandments in the Rapides Parish Courthouse.

Alexandria television station KALB reached out to Floyd for comment and according to the station, an hour before he was to go on camera, he backed out of the interview. Instead, he released to them the following statement:

I'm sorry if I offended anyone with this sign. I have used this line in a past Town Talk article and never once received a negative comment. I also ran it by other races before putting it out and they understood what I was saying. I do believe in creation and not evolution. That I am not sorry for.

The sign has since been taken down and Floyd says he will not use it again.


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