Judging by the comments on their Facebook page, Cafe' Press has tons of Louisiana natives up in arms over its "God's Outhouse" t-shirts...

The types of shirts that Cafe' Press sells are definitely for people with a great sense of humor, but many people feel that they have stepped over the line with this design.

"God's Outhouse" shirt from Cafe' Press (Cafe Press)
"God's Outhouse" shirt from Cafe' Press (Cafe Press)


Peggy, a graduate of the University of Houston, had this to say:

How tacky can you get. Even the great State of Texas views this as an insult. No purchases from this direction.

Sherry, from Forked Island, wasn't impressed either:
...shame on CafePress for allowing this. I have purchased t-shirts with them in the past… never again!
Melicia, who works for the City of Kaplan, contacted Cafe' Press to express her displeasure with the t-shirt.  She received this reply:

Thank you for messaging us. We are terribly sorry to hear you are offended by an image on our site.All designs listed on CafePress are user submitted. We provide users the tools to create online virtual merchandise shops. The shops are created by users from around the world. All shops are required to abide by our Content Usage Policy. We at CafePress do not design any of the images seen on our site. Please send an email to our Content Usage team with the item number(s) of any designs in question to cup@cafepress.com.We look forward to assisting you!
Sandy, another Forked Island resident, let 'em have it:
How can you say such a complete untruth about us. I have been to many other states in our country and everywhere I have gone people ask me where I am from ;they can almost always guess correctly due to the fact that we are the most hospitable people there are. We make friends wherever we go and are always told to please come back and visit. We pride ourselves on our heritage and wouldn't change for anyone. If you sell any of these shirts I pity the people that wear them. God sees all and hears all. I will never purchase anything from your company!!
What do you think of the shirt?  I am guessing that most of you wouldn't wear it, but does it upset you enough to contact the company?

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